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Citizen Spring Days

In Spring 2019, we organized the first Citizen Spring Days.

We have a day of the industry where we visit the old economy. Let's have a day of the citizens initiatives where we can discover all the amazing things that citizens can do when they get together. šŸ¤Ÿ

During the first 4 days of Spring, citizen initiatives will open their doors to you, present what they do, how they got started and how you can contribute and join the movement! šŸ™Œ

It will be totally decentralized. We will publish on this website all the activities happening in the different cities that participate.

Who are we?

We are an open collective of citizens in Brussels coming from different background, origins, languages. We do not belong to any political party and we welcome anyone to join us!

  • Adrian Tot
  • Ariane Dewandre
  • Elias De Keyser
  • Gaelle Boulvin
  • Hadewig Kras
  • Jo Creten
  • Leen Schelfhout
  • Sandra Heremans
  • Xavier Damman

How to contribute?

  • If you are a citizen initiative, register your citizen initiative in Antwerp, or Brussels. If you are in another city, use this form.
  • If you want to help us organize or become a local coordinator for your city, join the Coordination Group.
  • If you just want to stay in the loop, join our newsletter.
  • If you have any question, shoot us an email at