Citizens coming together to rebuild local communities


Vegan Jungle Community House

The spirit of this house

We started the house to explore how we can create safe and brave spaces to regenerate ourselves, our communities and our environment.

This house is a place to relearn how to live in a community, how to share resources and how to rebuild our social fabric.

We invested a lot in the community. We created new commons (e.g. We organised events to bring people together (e.g., And we explored ways to make this not only sustainable but also regenerative (see

By staying in the house, we invited everyone to support this project.

The house values and rules we live by

  • We pay attention to our carbon footprint
  • We share our resources as much as possible (we share our garage with neighbors, we shared our cargo bike and other bikes with everyone in the house, …)
  • No dead animal in the house (ie. no meat in the house, we were flexible on dairy though)
  • We keep the commons clean (all shoes stay in the entrance)
  • While we enjoy sharing time together, we also respect everyone’s privacy and need for alone time
  • Whenever someone goes grocery shopping, we ask in the group if anyone needs anything.
  • We contribute to the local community (,,  Bees Coop, 1030/0, …)
  • We favor second hand and locally sourced materials
  • We regen. Quiet time after 10pm (exceptions possible during the weekend)

Short stays

  • €60/night
  • €50/night for a week
  • €40/night for the month

10-20% discount for returning guests

Longer stays

Price per room is €550 + €100 for utilities (fiber internet, water, gas and electricity included, based on energy consumption of the previous year).

Two exceptions: €450 for the basement room that is a pass thru to access the washing machine, and €650 for the duplex that can comfortably fit a couple with or without small kids (+ €100/month/person for utilities)

We offer a €200/month discount to the house lead. Community work is a lot of work that is often unseen and not valued. Not here. We do recognize the value of having someone that takes the lead to organise community dinners and other activities to bring people together. That’s why we offer a big discount to that person at the Vegan Jungle Community House.

There are 5 bedrooms in total, 2,5 bathrooms, a garage (that we currently share with neighbors to store their bikes) and a terrace. And it comes with a cute front garden aka the Citizen Garden. 🙂

The house was fully renovated 3 years ago.


  • 1 regular room available from September 16th at €550 + €100/month/person for utilities

About the house

The commons

The garage

There is a garage that we share with neighbors to store their bikes 🚲🚲.

The rooms

The duplex

Top floor

The neighborhood

The neighborhood is beautiful. You have everything you need within 5mn walking or biking distance. The Josaphat park is 400m away 🌲. Tram 25 🚋 on Bienfaiteurs goes to Rogier, North Station, Meiser, Diamant, VUB, Etterbeek station, ULB, Boondael station. It’s an 8-minute walk to Meiser train station (direct train to Brussels Schuman, Etterbeek, etc.). Central station is 10mn biking distance (3.4km), Schuman is 8mn biking distance (2.3km).


They stayed with in the house

Schelfhout - Damman family (2020-2023)

We are a couple with a total of 4 kids together (9 to 15 years old) who are with us only half time. We have one room available (there is a total of 6 rooms, kitchen, living room, garage, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets so there is a lot of space!). We work from home as facilitator / teacher, entrepreneur.

We are active citizens, we love to organise things for the neighborhood such as playstreets, the citizen garden, ... (see We also like to dance on the street 💃🏼🕺🏻

We are all vegetarian in the house (mostly vegan). 🌱

Hi, I’m Xavier, I’m 38, my pronouns are he/him. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m passionate about accelerating the transition to a more decentralised, local and resilient society. I have a 10 year old daughter called Laura (part time).

Hi, I’m Leen, I’m 43, my pronouns are she/her. I’m a facilitator and I’m passionate about group dynamics, liberating systems to mine the collective intelligence, deep democracy, … I have 3 boys (15, 14 and 12) part time.

Lyllou (2021-2022)

Hi, I’m Lyllou, I’m 34, my pronouns are she or they. I’m passionate about my work as a conference interpreter, and I also do a lot of volunteer translation and interpreting. Before the pandemic, I was also a musician, so you might still hear me practice quietly once in a blue moon. I am child-free by choice, so initially I was not looking for a house share that includes children, but it turned out to be very nice!

Djenk and Justine (2020-2022)

Alberto (2020-2021)