Imagine Brussels - edition 2024

Call for imagination and collective dreaming

An invitation to dream and create to re-imagine the city of the future

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Winning image of Imagine Brussels 2022 - image by Philippe Stessens (…)


Call to creative citizens and artists to make sketches, drawings, videos, collages, animations to re-imagine the city of Brussels.

🎨  Deadline to participate is 7th of June.

🖼️ All works will be exhibited in the week of July 8th 2024. Location tbd.

🧑‍🎨 Prices and jury: the audience votes 👇

Artists and citizens who contribute creative artwork will be rewarded using a 'quadratic funding system'. At the exhibition, visitors can vote for their favorite pieces by making small donations to as many works as they like, using the digital version of Brussels' local currency. These donations and votes will be matched by a shared fund raised by partners, creating a fair and democratic pricing system.

Goal of this project

  1. Rekindle imagination and collective dreaming about cities
  2. Learn about new ways to support art/creativity using NFT's and democratic voting systems

Topic of 2024 - Imagine cities

In July 2024, Brussels, the vibrant capital of Europe known for its diversity and cultural fusion, will host the annual Ethereum community conference ( With a rich history stretching back 10 centuries, Brussels has served as a melting pot of cultures and ideas, making it an ideal setting for this gathering. A true hub for international interaction, this city has long embraced visitors and new inhabitants from around the globe.

At the heart of this call for imagination is the belief that innovation thrives when diverse communities intersect and start imagining together. Through art and an open-minded approach, this invitation to creative citizens and exhibition of artwork aims to facilitate meaningful encounters and spark curiosity and inspiration among participants and visitors.

Can we imagine together to give Brussels a creative boost through cross-fertilization between cities? Can you envision what your favorite urban spaces (old or experimental) from your home city or favourite city in the world would look like in Brussels? For example, what is your favourite urban area or regenerative project in San Francisco that you could reimagine for Brussels? Do you know of examples of tiny forests in Stockholm that would look great in the streets of the European Capital? Vibrant and green public spaces in Amsterdam? Beaches run as commons in Los Angeles? Local school buildings used as a neighborhood marketplaces in Rome? Food hubs with locally produced food in Thailand? Community gardens, green buildings and food farms in the city? Visualise your dreams to inspire others! What else is possible?

#solarpunk #imagination #glocal #localmeetsglobal #digitalmeetsphysical #cities

Contact and questions

If you have any questions, reach out to or check the FAQ

You can also join this Telegram group for direct questions, meeting other participants or getting direct updates.

In partnership with


Regens Unite 

Idealist Quarterly

DAO Brussels 

Stad Brussel 


Citizen Wallet

All for Climate

Solarpunk Nomads

Citizen Spring

Want to partner as well and contribute to the matching pool to support participating artists?

Donate 250 euros to common pool here:

Euros or dollars: Open Collective

Dai or other currencies on chain: 0x75df4727e6afdc2e06337c69b337a539a41b3d61

Special thanks goes to Leen Schelfhout (Regens Unite and Citizen Spring), Marco Gerletti (Solarpunk Nomads and All for Climate), Jan Willems (Lvr), Xavier Damman (Citizen Wallet), Cédric Sounard (DAO Brussels), Christina Wunder (Idealist Quarterly) and Jeremy Akers (Regens Unite)

Image from Imagine Brussels 2022 by TR1510