How to participate

To participate, first register via this form so we have your contact details.

Create an image/art piece

Create an art piece to imagine a city of the future. It can be a painting, a drawing, a sketch, a 3D model, an animation, a video, … It can be digital or on paper (in which case you will have to submit a digital photo of it).

If you don’t live in Brussels, here are some pictures / videos of various streets and places for inspiration.

Send your creation our way (deadline Friday 7th of June midnight)

Upload a picture of your artwork in this google drive. Create a folder that has your name and upload the artwork (or a picture) and add a onepager with your story (1) a description of your work, the locations and the dream attached to it, (2) the tools and methods you used (from waterpaint, wood, glue  to AI) to create the artwork and (3) a short bio.

Create an NFT on using the Polygon chain and tag it #imaginebrussels. It should be a 1/1 (only one edition). If you don't understand a word of the previous sentence, fear not! Let us know if this is new to you, we are very happy to guide you through the process. Check FAQ as well.

Once you have submitted your art piece, it is up to us. In the month of June we will print your artwork (or ask you to bring it to us in case that is possible), and create an exhibition in the Commonshub Brussels (location tbd).

Every artpiece will get a qr code that people can use to give small donations and contribute to the quadratic voting.  We process the data and transfer the prices over to all participants based on the quadratic voting round.

Timeframe and process

You submit your art piece by June 7th along with the URL on of your NFT. In June we print and create an exhibition in the Commonshub Brussels. In the week of July 8th you will be invited to the inauguration of all the artpieces. Exact date to be defined.