Who is organising this?

This project is an initiative by a collective of people working in various fields of climate action, regeneration and city building. The non-profit behind this is called Citizen Spring, a fiscal host that brings people together and develops new commons to rebuild strong and resilient local communities. Citizen Spring launches very diverse projects, some became their own independent collective. You see all different collectives here.

For this project we are collaborating with several partners who all believe in collective imagination and dreaming together.
You can still join as partner and support the matching fund pool for this years edition.

To do this, you can donate 250 euros to common pool here:

Euros or dollars: Open Collective

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Your logo will be on the website, in all our communication and will be present at the exhibition as supporting partner. Tax reports are possible.

Current partners

Special thanks goes to Leen Schelfhout (Regens Unite and Citizen Spring), Marco Gerletti (Solarpunk Nomads and All for Climate), Jan Willems (Studio Lvr), Xavier Damman (Citizen Wallet), Cédric Sounard (DAO Brussels), Christina Wunder (Idealist Quarterly) and Jeremy Akers (Regens Unite)

Why do we do this?

As Rob Hopkins postulates in his latest book “What If”, beyond the ecological crisis, we have a crisis of imagination. We are incapable of imagining our cities without cars, our economy without waste, our lives without plastics, etc.

We believe that artists can help us by showing us images of the future, they can help us imagine. What if?

Why should you participate?

  • You are actively taking part in reimaging the future of cities by visualising your dream. It is a way of communicating and taking part in the creation of future cities.
  • It will give you a lot of visibility, your art will be part of an exhibition
  • It’s a great way to build up your portfolio
  • You are contributing to the public good.
  • You can learn about quadratic voting and NFT's and how these techniques can help you and your work

What the *** is an NFT? Why do I need that?

NFTs (“non-fungible tokens”) are digital certificates of authenticity. Since there are so much digital art pieces and pictures online, it is sometimes hard to put your signature on it. For a painting, this is different,  you just sign it with your name. But for digital art, this becomes tricky. Creating an NFT is creating that unique signature for your art piece, a certificate of authenticity, ownership and of source/creator. When you sell it over the internet, and it changes ownership (like you would sell a painting or sculpture), the unique source of it will always be traceable.

On top of that NFT's enable artists to sell their art pieces on the Internet on the open NFT market (a $10B market and growing). By using NFTs, any citizen will be able to participate in a decentralized way by buying (and potentially reselling) the art pieces that they love.

The NFT has to be a 1/1 (there must be only one edition and you can’t create another NFT representing the same art piece on any other platform). When creating the NFT you can add a royalty fee. This means that everytime somebody sells your piece on the internet, you receive, as original source, a percentage of the sale.

If you are unfamiliar with NFTs, do not worry, we will help you learn about them and help you create them

What is Solarpunk?

“Solarpunk is a genre and art movement that envisions how the future might look if humanity succeeded in solving major contemporary challenges with an emphasis on sustainability, climate change and pollution.” – wikipedia

artwork by http://jessicaperlstein.com 

What is quadratic funding?

Quadratic funding is democratic crowdfunding system for public goods. Instead of a jury of foundation deciding how much funding a project receives, a wide community is asked to vote by giving very small amounts. The matching pool, a bigger funding pool put together by various other contributors, is distributed over the projects that received the most votes in the community. The system is more democratic, inclusive (for donors as well as for contributors) and more diverse projects get access to funding.

More information here

How is this funded?

The funds are raised from the partners who support this project. They donate 250 euros to the common funding pool.

Contact and questions

If you have any questions, reach out to hello@citizenspring.earth

You can also join this Telegram group for direct questions, meeting other participants or getting direct updates.